Monday, 9 June 2014

Diary notes

Visit to Centre for Chinese Cultural Arts with kids from school - curating their upcoming exhibition, inspired by the Stanley Chow 'Takeaway' exhibition, which is on until June 22nd. Fab stuff. 

Took a 5 minute walk around the block from the CFCCA,  in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. It was like Porto - warm sun, people drinking coffee pavement side, old and new buildings side by side. Cool.

Weekend in Ludlow - friends' beautiful communal garden.

Jazz on a summer's day, by the river, in Ludlow.

Book bought on Ludlow market. Never know when you need to know these things.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Pages from sketchbook

None of this is of a professional standard yet -
I know that! I'm trying to find my process as
 an illustrator. I can't just do my usual doodles.

Trying to make this image work. The moment
where satellite gets blasted and Spacebub
saves the day!