Monday, 3 December 2012

Exhibition Pieces

Dune Shadow. 

Acrylic paint on MDF                        


  Over to Mt Famine. 

Monoprint with oil paint.

     Bowerclough Head at Dovestones.
     Chew Brook at Dovestones
     National Park.Monoprint.  

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Exhibition at Unity Theatre

Here's some pics of the work in situ at Unity Theatre The Private View evening was wonderful - lots of dear friends and family turned up, including some I haven't seen for years. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves hugely. The venue is so pleasant, the evening sun was shining, Liverpool was looking lovely. People said a lot of nice things about the work! Sold eight pieces now, which is a v good percentage apparently. One of the dear old friends was Tony Wells (established Artist & Illustrator & ex-colleague from Hugh Baird College days & ex-tutor from pre-Degree Foundation course) who very kindly said later: "Your show is excellent.... you have faced the elements and produced terrific results. Also, the work is figurative, with strong abstract qualities....v good !" As Tony does not mince his words & used to frequently make me cry with his brutal crits when I was a student (I exaggerate, but not a lot!), this is very gratifying! I am told theatre visitors' reactions have been very positive.Started a big monoprint last w/e, so, onwards, ever onwards...   
                             Monoprints - compositions based on Hightown beach
                                          sketches & photos.
                            Collages & prints - beach stuff again
                            'Dune Shadow' - acrylic on MDF
                            Unity Theatre bar area- big conservatory style
                                          extension so light floods in.


Monday, 27 August 2012

Framing just about done - but still have to attach the screws and wire tomorrow. Plus have to decide on titles and prices - then plan exactly where everything is going to go on the walls so I'm not dithering about on Wednesday.... Looking forward to having it all done and dusted and seeing everyone on Thursday at the private view. The image is called 'Under the Outlet', an A4 size paint and collage composition on card, inspired by work started at Hightown beach on the Merseyside coast. I'll post lots more of the work I'm exhibiting when I've got time. Got to finish some stuff which is on MDF (so doesn't need framing & paint the sides & varnish each too. 

Meanwhile.... here's an ink painting I did when I was a student, from a tiny photo of my great grandmother (my mother's grandmother). It's a good likeness. It must have been taken in the 50s some time and she is still dressed in a late-Victorian style. She was a fierce woman who brought up, I think it was 8 living children - her husband and a 2 year old died the same year. She took over her husband's job as caretaker of a school in Waterford in Ireland, but on retirement came and lived with her daughter & family throughout the war and later. She shared my Mum and her sister's bedroom and made sure they got up in time for Mass. My friends will now be able to see where my profile comes from.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Went to Unity Theatre, Hope Place, Liverpool yesterday to measure up for the exhibition. Sending out postcards with image and lettering, as above, as invitations- info on the other side. Still have a LOT to do.... Private View is on Thursday 30th August 5.30 - 7.30 (theatre-goers will be arriving from 7.30 for the evening's performance) & exhibition will be on until 29th Sep. Open Mon-Sat 12-6pm. 
Had a bit of a nostalgic wander around that part of Liverpool. Elegant Georgian terraces, though Canning Street, where we lived in a top floor flat, is still a bit scruffy. 

Friday, 8 June 2012

 Taken with my phone- boats on the river Alt, the Irish sea beyond. In the foreground - prehistoric woodland remains. What a place.

 Installations - provided by the tide.
A strange & lovely plant in the sand dunes.

Above are all  Merseyside coast pictures - I'm working hard towards the Liverpool exhibition at the end of August & have decided to do a new series of work on the coast there, where I often played and messed about as a child and teenager. I have recently spent happy (very hot) hours on the beach at Hightown and beyond, sketching and taking photos. Here's a few images from the last time I was there. I'm still working in the landscape here in the north Peaks area as well.  About to start preparing some lino relief and intaglio prints... been quite a while, so I'm a bit nervous. The whole thing of having a solo exhibition at this stage in my renewed career is a mixture of fear and a feeling that this is exactly the right thing to do, even if it's a complete embarrassment!! 

So here's a few I'm working on at the moment. I've got pictures by the St Ives painters, amongst others,  in my head. I want to convey how it feels to be in these lonely, mysterious places - I wish I had a good enough recording of the sounds of the beach. The bells on the boats clanking in the breeze, the seabirds calling, distant voices. The heat... I wish I'd had the nerve to ask the naked couple if I could paint them! The last, monochrome image is from Coombes Rocks, the quarry ridge rising above the Cheshire plains. 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

I can only post from school at the moment. So frustrating. Here's a photo I took on Hightown beach on a cold clear windy day.

Monday, 30 April 2012

Having trouble

Haven't been able to post for a while due to technical problems. Been busy though. Have 4 pieces in the Millyard Gallery in Uppermill, until 20th May. Dropped off 2 pieces at the Stockport Gallery on Sat, hoping they will be in the Stockport Open. Spent Sun before last on Hightown beach in Merseyside taking photos and musing about a new series of work....

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Year 7 Enrichment day Mural - Rainforest

A very enjoyable task at work. A Rainforest collage/ mural: Year 7 students made animals, leaves & flowers appropriate for the Rainforest (which they had learned about in Science), from recycled materials, as their activity in Art (with Science) during an 'Enrichment' Day (this is when they do exciting, off-curriculum activities, to broaden their education). I painted the backdrop, based on a couple of Rousseau paintings and after they'd done their bit I then had the task of putting it all together and filling in the spaces with leaves etc made from plastic bags, with some help from my wee lunchtime Craft club pals.  

Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Doodle Line

Drawings inspired by story ideas ...

More recent work...


Various recent works - I'm not being very selective here - and they all might get worked upon. Just very frustrated with the weather!! Windy, wet and dark. Don't mind cold, even snow ok. Wind very annoying but tolerable. But no light, freezing rain and very strong wind - especially up near Kinder - no thanks. Saw Alan Thompson exhibition at Stockport Art Gallery - he's out there on the Low in all weathers, in his 70s! Such pared down, skilful & lovely paintings.
Met writer, 'Curragh Sons' musician & artist Sean Wood, who writes for the Tameside Advertiser, recently. Won a useful box of oil paints via a competition in his WildLife column (well I didn't win really, but he very kindly gave me the paints anyway!) . He has small but perfectly formed Badger Gallery, in Padfield, where he does painting/ writing workshops with food & drink & childrens' painting mornings - great idea for a kid's party. He is very charming & makes v good coffee. There you go Sean - all 4 of my followers will read this! (Plus a few others).

Another one....

Work in progress. Need to go back here - weather's been impossible.

And another.

This is a work in progress. Bit of a departure - don't usually bother with trees & it's turned out kind of stylised. Love the bare branches against the sky this time of year. Poured glue and powder paint, plus oil paint.