Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Exhibition at Unity Theatre

Here's some pics of the work in situ at Unity Theatre The Private View evening was wonderful - lots of dear friends and family turned up, including some I haven't seen for years. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves hugely. The venue is so pleasant, the evening sun was shining, Liverpool was looking lovely. People said a lot of nice things about the work! Sold eight pieces now, which is a v good percentage apparently. One of the dear old friends was Tony Wells (established Artist & Illustrator & ex-colleague from Hugh Baird College days & ex-tutor from pre-Degree Foundation course) who very kindly said later: "Your show is excellent.... you have faced the elements and produced terrific results. Also, the work is figurative, with strong abstract qualities....v good !" As Tony does not mince his words & used to frequently make me cry with his brutal crits when I was a student (I exaggerate, but not a lot!), this is very gratifying! I am told theatre visitors' reactions have been very positive.Started a big monoprint last w/e, so, onwards, ever onwards...   
                             Monoprints - compositions based on Hightown beach
                                          sketches & photos.
                            Collages & prints - beach stuff again
                            'Dune Shadow' - acrylic on MDF
                            Unity Theatre bar area- big conservatory style
                                          extension so light floods in.


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