Monday, 27 August 2012

Framing just about done - but still have to attach the screws and wire tomorrow. Plus have to decide on titles and prices - then plan exactly where everything is going to go on the walls so I'm not dithering about on Wednesday.... Looking forward to having it all done and dusted and seeing everyone on Thursday at the private view. The image is called 'Under the Outlet', an A4 size paint and collage composition on card, inspired by work started at Hightown beach on the Merseyside coast. I'll post lots more of the work I'm exhibiting when I've got time. Got to finish some stuff which is on MDF (so doesn't need framing & paint the sides & varnish each too. 

Meanwhile.... here's an ink painting I did when I was a student, from a tiny photo of my great grandmother (my mother's grandmother). It's a good likeness. It must have been taken in the 50s some time and she is still dressed in a late-Victorian style. She was a fierce woman who brought up, I think it was 8 living children - her husband and a 2 year old died the same year. She took over her husband's job as caretaker of a school in Waterford in Ireland, but on retirement came and lived with her daughter & family throughout the war and later. She shared my Mum and her sister's bedroom and made sure they got up in time for Mass. My friends will now be able to see where my profile comes from.


  1. Love the image of your Great Granny. Those old birds were tough weren't they. It must have been such hard work running a home in those days, bearing many children and loosing some of them to disease. You'd have to become a bit emotionally numb.

  2. I tried to post a comment about this drawing a few days ago but it seems to have gone astray and I can't remember what I said now. It was something about how those ladies had a tendency to be tough and with good reason.