Sunday, 29 January 2012

More recent work...


Various recent works - I'm not being very selective here - and they all might get worked upon. Just very frustrated with the weather!! Windy, wet and dark. Don't mind cold, even snow ok. Wind very annoying but tolerable. But no light, freezing rain and very strong wind - especially up near Kinder - no thanks. Saw Alan Thompson exhibition at Stockport Art Gallery - he's out there on the Low in all weathers, in his 70s! Such pared down, skilful & lovely paintings.
Met writer, 'Curragh Sons' musician & artist Sean Wood, who writes for the Tameside Advertiser, recently. Won a useful box of oil paints via a competition in his WildLife column (well I didn't win really, but he very kindly gave me the paints anyway!) . He has small but perfectly formed Badger Gallery, in Padfield, where he does painting/ writing workshops with food & drink & childrens' painting mornings - great idea for a kid's party. He is very charming & makes v good coffee. There you go Sean - all 4 of my followers will read this! (Plus a few others).


  1. My favourites are the last 3 especially the bottom one which reminds me of the painting that you gave me for my 50th. I love the way that you manage to capture the light all its various moods.

  2. Great stuff Joanne, you are definitely 'feelin' that Derbyshire landscape, fantastic colours despite the winter.