Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The first picture is of the peat bogs high above Old Glossop - I think the area is called Harrop Moss. Very eery place. I took the photo I did this from last winter really, but the image is inspiring me at the moment. Its a mixture of paint, tissue collage & torn pieces from monoprinted textures. I often get too bogged down in trying to represent what I am seeing when I'm working from life & my work can be much more creative when I am in my studio, but I would never want to just work from photos - I need to be experiencing the real place - form, light, atmosphere, weather - as often as possible. I've started oil painting from life & think this will free me up (I've been using oil pastels or ink until now). The last two images are from the last few days.
The second image above is another Snowdon one - seeing as some people liked the first one! I'm doing a larger painting on canvas from this series of sketches, so it is kind of current.

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