Saturday, 12 November 2011



Scotland - Highland pass

The Pike, Shelf Moor

Blackden Edge, Edale Moor 

Over Hollingworth Clough-Composition

Over Hollingworth Clough

View to Burnt Hill
The first image, Langdale, came about by my having seen a beautiful Georges Roualt etching at the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield. Seeing the deep, rich black of the aquatints made me long to have access to etching facilities and make monochrome images with dark, dramatic blacks, as I sometimes managed to do in my Leeds Poly & Chelsea Art school days... experimentation resulted in my using PVA and black powder paint, and has inspired further monochrome pieces. I think that I am beginning to be able to be more expressive in my markmaking.  In the Over Hollingworth Clough Composition, a collage and paint piece, unfinished, based on a painting in situ, I am beginning to move away from a purely representational approach, wanting to emphasise the amazing sculptural, undulating form of this landscape, between Matley Moor & Kinder, which continues to fascinate me - this time of year more than ever as the late afternoon light reveals the form and the gorgeous autumn colours and makes the clefts dark & mysterious.


  1. I like the black and white work Joanne. They look lovely and thick and textural.

  2. These look great. Are they working towards the exhibition in Liverpool? I reckon Hockney will instigate a new interest in landscape painting so make sure you jump on that band wagon.