Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Random black and white ink, paint, charcoal sketches...

Doing various things - Starman, writing, other ideas. Garden, house. Time with family & friends. Need more hours in the day.


Some black & white landscapes. 
Mainly because it's time to post something. 

Three are of Coombes Quarry, a spectacular place - a view West,right across the Cheshire Plain to the Irish Sea. Great to draw.

The last one is near Doctor's Gate above Old Glossop.

The Blackie

I found this in an ancient sketchbook of mine. 
I've never been any good at drawing buildings, so it's very rough! But it's a historical sketch from around 1984, of The Blackie, a well-known building in Liverpool, just at the edge of Chinatown.The sketch captures it as it used to be, i.e. black. Why did they clean it? It's not the Blackie now.

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