Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Creative Display Work

These wall displays are interesting to do. 
I try to make them eye-catching, informative,
attractive & educational. 

An Art Timeline - pre-history to 'the present'. 

A kind of mind map of Art skills and techniques for Art teachers to use
with Year 7 students.

     Did this 'what use is studying English?' display about 4 years ago. It's still on the wall.

 A 'Well-Dressing'. A Derbyshire custom - an annual 
 procession, culminating in the placing of decorated
 panels next to wells. The school has created one
 every year for several years, except, I think, last
 year. I did this one with Art club kids. One Year
 11 lad kindly brought me his fag packets to use
 in the middle bit. It's called 'Bring Back the Green'
 & is made almost entirely of re-cycled materials.

( I wish I knew how to put the images side by side. Blogger
 is very frustrating!).
 This display explains the ideas behind and the work
 produced during a Printmaking Workshop day I did
 2 years ago with 'Gifted and Talented' Year 7s.
 I photographed them all, using 'horror movie' style 
 lighting. We then looked at the work of early 20th
 century Expressionist printmakers & I showed e.g.s
 of how horror films have been influenced by their
 imagery, even up to the present day. They then
 created their own 'Horror Movie Poster', using the
 photograph of their own face. They learnt about the 
 technique of Relief  printmaking - cutting lines and shapes
 into a surface and how to ink it up and print their image.
 I was really delighted with what these 11 and 12 year olds
 produced - some very  sophisticated images, showing their 
 strong grasp of the process and the use of stark 
 black & white shapes and lettering to create dramatic

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